Wendy Adams

Wendy Adams

Wendy entered the Liberty Movement in 2011 as a volunteer for Ron Paul Louisiana after having had a career as a probation officer, security consultant, and engineering tech. She was soon hired as the NOLA Regional Director and helped lead the way to Ron Paul’s caucus victory in La. After experiencing the La GOP’s corruption first hand, she finally came home, where she belonged, to the Libertarian Party. She was hired as the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Louisiana where she began working to organize affiliates at the local level and helped create a legislative lobbying effort for the Party. She also effectively worked to greatly increase the Libertarian outreach effort and establish campus organizations across the state and especially in the NOLA area.

Wendy has since taken her philosophy of "All Politics Are Local" one step further, stepped aside from her state position as ED, and moved on to directing the Libertarian Parties of Orleans and Jefferson Parish as well as many other surrounding NOLA area committees. She also serves as the Membership Officer on the LPL State Central Committee as well as her local Parish Executive Committee. Currently her efforts are focused on Libertarian Voter Registration, outreach, local and legislative lobbying, and recruitment of candidates and elected officials. Wendy is a life-long resident of New Orleans and loves music, art, dancing, food, and dogs.


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