Carole "Beth" Vest

Carole Vest

Carole “Beth” Vest Chairman and CEO of the National Organization of Libertarian Women Vice-Chairman of Libertarian State Leadership Alliance Beth Vest is a veteran of political life in the state of Louisiana, having been raised in a politically active family who also valued the ideals of volunteer service to the community and in civic life. Having spent most of her life working and volunteering on a number of projects and campaigns, she has a special focus on integrity in the voting process, and worked for a number of years as a volunteer and trainer for poll watchers and workers.

Through that work she has developed special insight into the mechanics of how we choose our representatives and is an advocate for integrity in that process. She is currently serving as secretary of her local Libertarian Party Executive Committee and serves in state party leadership on the Louisiana Libertarian Party State Executive Committee as representative from St. Tammany Parish. She is also currently serving as vice-chair of the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance and as Chairman and CEO of the National Organization of Libertarian Women.

As founder of the National Organization of Libertarian Women she is motivated by a sincere desire to share with other women what she discovered when she came to the libertarian philosophy; that only real liberty brings real equality.

“The concept that each person owns themselves is fundamental to libertarianism and bears a special significance in a society controlled by a state that perpetuates the notion of dependence to retain power. I would like women who have not heard the message of real liberty, take a look at how government, and a society influenced by that government, has demanded of women a relationship that by it's very nature means that they will give up at least part of their self-ownership to achieve it.”

“The libertarian philosophy offers an alternative to that paradigm and I would like women to realize the full benefits of the equality that true liberty affords.” “Illustrating libertarian principles by relating those principles to the day-to-day experiences of women from all walks of life is my primary goal.”

She hopes to also encourage women to take their place in libertarian leadership by running for office and serving on party committees and as activists.

“Women are stepping up to serve in the party and to join the libertarian cause in unprecedented numbers this election cycle, I think our message is catching on.”

She is presently working on the Women Electing Liberty project to assist women in these activities. She has served on the boards of non-profit organizations, most notably; The Independence Museum Board, and the former St. Francis Fund for medically needy rescue animals. Professionally, she works as a data analyst in the health care industry where she has watched, first hand, how government legislation affects that industry and patient care. When she can find time, she publishes a regional magazine about pets, giving a portion of the proceeds to benefit animal rescue organizations. She studied Mortuary Science at Delgado College and History and Art at Southeast Louisiana University. Ms. Vest resides in Covington, Louisiana with her author husband, Rick Coleman, and their four rescue fur-babies.


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