Wendall Stephenson, Ph.D.


Dr. Stephenson is Past-President of Final Exit Network (2011- 2015) and a resident of Fresno, California. He holds the Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of California and is a professor of Philosophy and Ethics at Fresno City College.

Dr. Stephenson became convinced in his early adult years that people suffering from lethal and debilitating diseases who wish to hasten their deaths should not be forced to live and to suffer against their will. He believes that forcing people to suffer when they see no good reason to suffer is a mark of a cruel, inhumane and, indeed, unChristian ethic, and no person who considers himself to be humane, compassionate, or Christian should tolerate it. It is this conviction that continues to motivate his work on behalf of Final Exit Network and the right-to-die-with-dignity movement in general.

In 1985, he joined Derek Humphry in advancing the efforts of the Hemlock Society. In 2001, he started leading an affiliate of Hemlock in Fresno. Shortly after the Final Exit Network was formed, Wendell became an Exit Guide. He joined the Board of Final Exit Network in 2010 and has served as the Chair of the Membership Committee. IN 2011, Dr. Stephenson was elected President.

Wendell has been married since 1985 and has two adult children. He reads philosophy, enjoys classical music and big band jazz, and occasionally participates in supported Century Bike Rides.


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