Registration Packages


On-site 2016 Convention Registration Form

The 2016 Libertarian National Convention is gearing up and online registration is now closed. Don't be discouraged! You can still register at the door (as long as room remains available). To help expedite the process to do so, please click on the thumbnail to be directed to a printable registration form. Please print and complete the form and turn into the registration desk when you arrive to help us expedite the registration process for you. Thank you for attending, participating in and being a part of #LegalizeFreedom, we most sincerely welcome you here.  

Your event attendance authorizes the Libertarian National Committee, Inc. and its contractors, licensees, and assignees to: make recordings and reproduce, distribute or otherwise make derivative works; transmit, display and publicly perform recordings, transcriptions and derivative works in any medium containing your image and/or statements made at the event; telecast, air, and post all recordings and images on any and all Libertarian National Committee, contractor, licensees and assignees websites, printed publications and any other publishing medium without any compensation or other benefits due.