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CNN Politics
By Eli Watkins, CNN
Includes Video
Updated Sat May 28, 2016

Libertarian Party set to pick nominee at convention

Excerpt: "Orlando, Florida (CNN)They get the bronze medal every four years in what is really a two-person race.
That's what it must feel like to be a third-party candidate in a two-party country."


ABC News
By Mike Schneider, Associated Press Orlando
May 27, 2016

Unprecedented Excitement at Libertarian Party Convention

Excerpt: "The deep unpopularity of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has led to an unprecedented level of excitement at the Libertarian Party's presidential nominating convention in Orlando this year."

NBC News - Politics
By Leigh Caldwell - May 28, 2016

Libertarian Party Convention Could Shake Up Presidential Election

Excerpt: "With voters potentially looking for a third option and the Libertarian Party gaining widespread access on state ballots for November, the Libertarian Party could be in a coveted position heading into the general election."


Don’t Dilute Libertarianism Just to Beat Donald Trump

By Aaron Ross Powell - May 25th

Excerpt: "If all that these converts see is a safe house where they can ride out the storm, they’re missing the point: The libertarian ideal and the Libertarian Party stand as reminders that neither of the two major parties is committed to the principle that individuals are superior to the state. "

Talk Media News

By Nick Salazar - May 24, 2016

Libertarian party candidates could impact 2016 race

Excerpt: "Washington (Talk Media News) — Voters shouldn’t count out the possibility of a third-party candidate making a substantive impact on the general election if recent polls are any indication."