William Coley


William Coley is a native of Lenoir City, TN, as National Director for Muslims 4 Liberty he has spent the last five years as an ardent political activist within the Muslim community. Mr Coley worked as co-host of America's first TEA party radio show "Tea party patriots live" on WORL 660 Orlando. During his time as co-host of TPPL he and show host Phil Russo focused attn on an obscure campaign to unseat two activist judges on the Florida supreme court who had voted not to allow Florida voters a choice in their state implementing obamacare. These judges are now seeking employment elsewhere. (see video below)

On 10-10-10 he had the honor of attending the 10th Amendment Summit in Poinciena FL as a guest and co MC. TPPL also attempted to use their access to the airwaves, to fight growing anti muslim sentiment among the american right.

He is completing his Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) and Islamic studies training in the Maliki school through a WebCT program in Qatar. He also studies independently with Maliki scholars from across the globe, and UT professor Shiekh Hasan Lacheb. He has written papers critiquing the theory of abrogation as well as shariah and human right which have been published on websites for both Islamic education, as well as political activism.

He has also appeared as an in class guest lecturer at the University of Central Florida, University of Tennessee, and VCC speaking on Islamic history, sirat (biography of Muhammad), interfaith relations, religion and sociology, shariah, shariah and human rights, and introduction to Islam. He has spoken on concepts expressed in "libertarian thought" as they are expressed in the Islamic legal tradition at the University of Tennessee, Middle Tennessee State, and St John's Loyola.

Spoken at the 2013 and 2015 Republican Liberty Caucus National Convention, 2013 Atlanta Music Libertyfest, 2013 Tennessee LP State Convention, Porcfest X, Porcfest XI, and Porcfest XII, 2014 Midwest Peace and Libertyfest, 2014 PANDAA Take Back Tour, as well as numerous speaking engagements at tea party, libertarian, and civic groups across the SE.

In 2013 he was honored with a Liberty Inspiration Award, alongside voices like Tom Woods, Ron Paul, John Bush, and medal of honor recipient Antonio Beuhler.

He currently works as host of The Call to Freedom, a national and international radio broadcast on LRN.fm devoted to spreading the ideas of liberty within the muslim community, from a theological perspective they can relate to. Interviewing the best and brightest in contemporary Islamic scholarly about issues important to the 'liberty community'.

M4L's work was also recently endorsed by one of America's most sought after islamic scholars and speakers Imam Zaid Shakir, shares his opinion of Muslims 4 Liberty.


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