Craig Bowden

Craig Bowden

Craig Bowden has been an outspoken voice in defense of liberty ever since writing his first letter to the editor at eleven years of age. After years of trying to "change things from the inside" of the Republican Party, he discovered that his advocacy for economic and social liberty had no real allies as the establishment blocked every attempt to promote effective change.

He soon became a member of the Libertarian Party, and chose to run for the U.S. House in 2014. During his campaign he spearheaded efforts in Utah to allow more open and free debates for all ballot recognized candidates, garnering lots of public support and media attention. Though 2014 turned out to be an electoral loss, he was able to help double the Libertarian vote in his district, and became the highest polling third party candidate for federal office since the 1990's.

Craig was elected to a county level office in 2015 that oversees the administration of the Head Start program for pre-k children. During his tenure, he pushed for more volunteer actions to offset costs and was stringent on any spending measure put before the policy council.

Currently, he has reentered the political arena for U.S. Congress in Utah's 1 Congressional District for 2016. He resides in North Ogden, Utah with his wife and five children.


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