Ballot Access

This page was last updated July 6, 2016. Please revisit regularly for latest updates on ballot access.

Choice States Map

Please help us make sure that all Americans have a choice at the ballot box this year, that Libertarian candidates can appear on ballots across the country, and that all Americans have the opportunity to vote for liberty!

We do not yet have ballot access in all 50 states and thus many voters are still deprived of choice – the opportunity to vote for liberty and Libertarian candidates.

Most states require a very high hurdle to gain ballot access, usually involving collecting many signatures within a short time frame and other parameters. Helping states achieve ballot access is one of the most important goals of our national party.

Some state organizations are able to cover the requirements and costs themselves. Others need some help from us.

You may be familiar with the big push we made in Oklahoma recently. We succeeded. This is thanks to a very generous contribution of $30,000 from Richard Winger and another $30,000+ from committed Libertarians across America. I’m very thankful for their generosity to help yet another state full of Americans have an opportunity to vote for liberty in 2016.

We are seeking to help all states and the District of Columbia get the resources they need to achieve ballot access for our 2016 presidential candidate and other Libertarian candidates.

Please join us in this very important effort.

To donate, stay updated with the latest progress, and help our cause - to give ALL Americans a choice on the ballot, visit 


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