Danielle Alexandre

Danielle Alexandre

Danielle has a passion for politics and legislation. Aside from her work on many campaigns nationally and within the State of Florida, she has been focused on educating the citizens of the state on the legislative process and empowering individuals to become “citizen lobbyists.”

She is co-host of the Liberty Underground Show, co-author of the “Neighborhood Project” book and has a meticulous and detailed approach to reviewing and researching legislation.

Danielle, has become an intricate part of the team, especially in finding the unintended consequences that will arise or the hidden or last minute changes to legislation that often goes unnoticed.Her dedication and focus on the issues of liberty, have educated thousands of citizens across the state on how to properly hold our representatives in Tallahassee accountable. Danielle is the mother to three wonderful children. Her dedication to the restoration of this republic is because of her children. She is a tireless advocate for the Constitution.


Monday Panel - Lobbying Your Legislature: Making Allies Not Enemies